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SJSC welcomes new singers!


Auditions for Season 99: Crescendo – Spring 2024

Auditions are held with Maestro Kromm, an inspirational teacher, with expertise in music theory and history, and a deep understanding of the choral canon. Our members find that performing with SJSC is motivating, challenging, and exciting!

Auditions are being scheduled now for January 8 and 15, 2024.

Auditions are generally held either before or after rehearsals on a Monday evening in San José or Sunday evening in Pacific Grove.

Contact our office manager by email or phone (408-639-5411) with questions and to schedule your audition.

SJSC Choir

What to Expect
Auditions are usually 10-15 minutes in length. You are encouraged to bring a selection of music that you are comfortable singing. If bringing your own music is not possible, you will be asked to sing a familiar song. Your audition may also include a brief passage of sight singing or other singing as requested to assist Maestro Kromm in assessing vocal technique and musicianship.

Auditions are held at:
Westminster Presbyterian Church
1100 Shasta Avenue
San José CA 95126
First United Methodist Church
915 Sunset Drive
Pacific Grove, CA                                           

Membership is $150 per semester – due in September and January plus cost of Music.

We look forward to meeting You!

SJSC offers need-based scholarships, full or partial, to allow membership and participation in the choir by applicants who cannot make full payment of tuition and/or cover music costs.