Corporate Support

San Jose Symphonic Choir is exceptionally attuned to our Bay Area community.  Our performances influence the spiritual climate of our times with hope, beauty, compassion, and perspective. 

Your sponsorship can help us foster good will, social responsibility, and the positive outlook of our citizens – your employees – in the Bay Area.

One example of this good will was San Jose Symphonic Choir’s performance of Henry Mollicone‘s Beatitude Mass (mass for the homeless), the texts of which were drawn from interviews conducted with people living in homeless shelters, and the proceeds garnered from performances were used to raise funds for organizations that support people in need.  Members of SJSC will perform this mass again in several California cities.  

There are a variety of ways you can help us.  Let us help you tailor your connection to our organization.  Please contact our Office Manager.

Match donations

Many individual donors are employed locally, perhaps by your company. Your matching contribution increases the impact of their donation, and helps us meet our annual fundraising goals.

Dollar for Doer grants

Employees who volunteer in the community may be eligible under your dollar for doer program to have grant funds allocated to SJSC, a registered non-profit organization.

Subsidize a tuition

SJSC maintains a scholarship program to provide financial assistance for member tuition. Your contribution to the program will help a member who would otherwise be unable to participate in the choir.

Sponsor concert costs for musicians

Production expenses can include fees and travel costs for the soloists and special instrumentalists whose presence enhances our performances. By sponsoring such an exemplary talent, you can help us maintain our standard of excellence.  

Underwrite a special event

We invite our loyal devotees – those who have attended our concerts regularly – to special events where they can hear us perform, learn from our Maestro, interact with choir members, and engage with other devotees who share a common love of choral masterworks.   Each of these events is made possible by an underwriter.

Sponsor an international tour

SJSC becomes an ambassador for Silicon Valley by performing abroad. We spread good will and knowledge of our area, and support the positive perception of American culture. Your corporation’s support helps make our travel possible, and helps make the tour possible for some of our members.

San Jose Symphonic Choir is supported, in part, by a Cultural Affairs grant from the city of San Jose,

and by SVCreates, in partnership with the County of Santa Clara.

San Jose Symphonic Choir is grateful for sponsorship from the following corporations: 

San Jose Symphonic Choir is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization: tax ID 23-7295139.