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San José Symphonic Choir & Orchestra

Ordinary People Making Extraordinary Music

The San José Symphonic Choir (SJSC), a volunteer choral organization, has performed masterworks and contemporary pieces in San José and the South Bay Area since its founding in 1924. The Choir typically consists of about 100 singers, and has been under the inspiring leadership of Maestro Leroy Kromm since 1985.

As part of the Brahms Ein deutsches Requiem performance at Cathedral Basilica of Saint Joseph, San José, California on May 21, 2022 – SJSC honored its members who are with us no more in this heartfelt and moving remembrance and dedication to –

Alice Mann
Angele Bagley
Anne Palermo
Audrey Johnson
Barbara Cox
Barbara Saum
Bart Cox
Bart Strehle
Beartis Olender
Betty Bates
Betty D’Angelo
Bill Davis
Bob Martinez
Bonny Mosher-Collins
Bruce Fetterhoff
Carol Casper
Charlotte Pizzo
Claire Fisher
Debbie Roach
Doris McCune-Mouton
Emily Lorraine

Fran Van Hook-Robie
Franey Romer
Frank Palermo
Gene Snyder
Gerry Faubian
Jim Dein
Jim Hilton
Jim Stimmel
John Henning
John Woodward
Karl Vidt
Kelly Flanagan
Leonard Lewis
Lew Roseman
Liz Esterly
Lloyd De Witt
Louise Xavier
Lynette Culbert
Marie Snyder
Mary Arbogast
Mary Fernandez
Matthias Kotowski

Mayo Bailey
Merribeth Munyon
Mike Joyce
Norm Van Wyk
Pat Slagle
Patty May
Perry Miller
Piet Van Allen
Randi McNab
Sandy Hart
Sharon de Souza
Sherron Wright
Sister Jacqueline Graham
Susan O’Brien
Tom Carr
Trish Anderson
Urban Faubian
Virginia Bauer
William Downes
Winifred Simpson

German Requiem, June 6

Johannes Brahms’ Ein deutches Requiem (A German Requiem) composed in the language of his people rather than in the traditional liturgical Latin which extends prayers for the souls of the dead, Brahms offers comfort to the living. Brahms remarked “I would very gladly omit the ‘German’ as well, and simply put ‘of Humankind,’” suggesting he wished to offer solace to All, regardless of beliefs or backgrounds.

Experience one of the most enduring choral expressions of Comfort and Hope for the Living with organist Rodney Gehrke.

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Ordinary People Making Extraordinary Music

San José Symphonic Choir is supported, in part, by a Cultural Affairs grant and a Coronavirus Relief Fund grant from the City of San José, a California Small Business Covid 19 Relief grant, and by grants from Silicon Valley Community Foundation and the Peery Foundation, in addition to several corporate sponsors.
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