Extraordinary Music During Extraordinary Times

Who could possibly have foreseen what this year would bring: a global pandemic, communities in turmoil, and most recently, fire. Like many performing arts organizations, SJSC faces new challenges and uncertainties.

As different as this time is, one thing remains constant: the importance of music in our lives, and our ability to connect to each other through its power and beauty.

We are so grateful to our members for their resilience and patience as we navigate new ways to sing together, and to our larger community who have supported us, and reached out during these months of sheltering.

Though we cannot be together in person right now, the energy of Fall and our Season 97 is upon us, and we look forward to connecting with you online, bringing music into all our lives, as we have done for nearly 100 years.

Thank You!

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Learn about San Jose Symphonic Choir

About Our History

The San Jose Symphonic Choir is the oldest performing choral organization in the San Francisco Bay Area.  More

About Our Auditions

We schedule auditions for the Fall season in September and for the Spring season in January.  More  

About Our Music Director

Maestro Leroy Kromm has served as the Music Director for the San Jose Symphonic Choir since 1985.  More

Connected to Our Bay Area Community for 96 Years

San Jose Symphonic Choir is a volunteer choral society of over 100 voices, performing choral masterworks and contemporary pieces under the inspiring leadership of Maestro Leroy KrommThroughout our 90+ years, we have maintained a strong connection with our community, performing in local venues with other local musicians and creating a musical community for our members. The Choir promotes performances of works by local composers, especially those that address societal issues.

"SJSC has provided me with unique opportunities to perform masterworks at a high level while maintaining a fun rehearsal environment. In my short time as a member, my life has been enriched by both the high level of instruction and the camaraderie among the members. Come sing with us!"
Holden Lindsey
Joined SJSC,
2017-18 season
""What a rare gift to be able to bring art to life, and to share consistently excellent quality music in our community. The San Jose Symphonic Choir's invaluable contributions inspired me to help ensure that the work of these "ordinary people" reaches wider audiences for 
years to come."
Caroline Hott-Abbott
Attorney, Founding
Member, Tulsa Symphony

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“What people are really seeking is hope and faith in something above and beyond what they see happening around them. Beautiful music brings the true and honest spirit of hope, as it has through the ages, and will through time eternal, into our souls, and satisfies the hungry heart.”
Maestro Kromm
Director of Music
Connected to our audiences
Connected to our colleagues
Connected to our family
Connected to our mission

Corporate Sponsors

San Jose Symphonic Choir is supported, in part, by a Cultural Affairs grant from the City of San Jose, by a grant from Silicon Valley Community Foundation, and by SVCreates, in partnership with the County of Santa Clara.