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The San José Symphonic Choir (SJSC), a volunteer choral organization, has performed masterworks and contemporary pieces in San José and the South Bay Area since its founding in 1924. The Choir typically consists of about 100 singers, and has been under the inspiring leadership of Maestro Leroy Kromm since 1985.
Our long held tradition of the You-Sing-It Messiah is on pause this year. To remember the beauty of this Season, we share with You SJSC’s gloriously curated Best of Performances featuring 20 years of recordings with many amazing soloists who have recorded Messiah with us including:

2000 Recording
Patrice McGinnis, Soprano
Wendy Hillhouse, Alto
Brian Staufenbiel, Tenor
Boyd Jarrell, Bass

2008 Recording
Nancy Wait-Kromm, Soprano
Wendy Hillhouse, Alto
Brian Thorsett, Tenor
Paul Murray, Bass

2014 Recording
Emma Rosenthal, Soprano
Sara Couden, Alto
Gabriel Cohen, Tenor
Christian Pursell, Bass

2019 Recording
Hannah Fuerst, Soprano
Katherine Trimble, Alto
Mark Khuri-Yakub, Tenor
Paul Murray, Bass

We deliver to You SJSC Handel’s Messiah as a sparkly and bright, with a glittery red bow on top, Christmas gift to download. Now you can Sing-It-Yourself with SJSC. Hallelujah! Enjoy.

You Sing It Messiah Download

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SJSC On Tour Playlist

Experience song magic from our iconic tour travels across the globe – curated just for You. Download your favorite tracks, and play them offline, and listen to them across all your favorite devices.

SJSC programming is our gift to the community – lifting spirits and creating joy!

San José Symphonic Choir is supported, in part, by a Cultural Affairs grant and a Coronavirus Relief Fund grant from the City of San José, a California Small Business Covid 19 Relief grant, and by grants from Silicon Valley Community Foundation and the Peery Foundation, in addition to several corporate sponsors.
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